Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yesterday's Dilemma Is Far from Over for Her

Laura Foster is determined to escape her dark past, the unspeakable misfortune of her childhood experience, and, at this point, she has done well so far. She is the wealthy owner of a lovely boardinghouse in Glory, Texas and she has the respect of her peers. Yet she can never seem to completely separate herself from yesterday's darkness. When Reverend Brand McCormick attempts to court her, she is devastated at the possibility of tarnishing his reputation should her past be revealed. And the reverend as a few of his own secrets to hide. Now a stranger in Glory is threatening to share well-kept secrets, and Laura begins to wonder whether she should leave the home she now knows in order to protect Brand and his promising future. Will Laura risk her heart and Brand's security by giving him the truth she wishes only to hide? Or will she keep her heart of stone?
Heart of Stone is the latest release from Jill Marie Landis, a well-known author of romance and women's fiction novels whose work has granted her much acclaim and critical praise. She has established herself in the field of romantic fiction with stories whose craft reveals a clear focus on the depth of her characters and the genuine nature of their emotional states. This newest novel from Landis is the first part in her Irish Angel series.
Readers will enjoy the work of Landis for its intensity and romantic potency. If you enjoy fiction that is appropriately fitted into the romance genre, then Heart of Stone comes highly recommended for you this year. Fans of women's fiction will delight in having this new addition to their reading collection in March of this year.

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