Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remove Yourself From the Everyday and Grow

Lisa Samson, along with the help of her teenage daughter Ty, takes us along a journey of self-discovery and tribulation through her latest novel Love Mercy. The book details their journey to Swaziland, a devastated region in Africa whose inhabitants have been plagued by starvation, oppression, and the AIDS epidemic. It is in this distant land, far removed from the world of luxury and comfort they both know so well, that a transformation comes to its final stages, but, for Lisa Samson, the initial phase of this inspired transformation had begun years before the point of their arrival in Swaziland.
The Samson family relocated to Lexington, Kentucky several years ago in order to be more involved with community-oriented programs sponsored and organized by Christian groups within the region. In the midst of this, she received a call inviting her to join a mission group determined to serve those suffering with AIDS and hunger in destitute Swaziland. Lisa Samson knew that she was being called to minister to the less fortunate in Africa--in hindsight it might be construed as a test of her faith . Lisa, who is joined by her daughter, Ty, seems ill-prepared for what she would encounter in this region that knows misery so well. This is their story--it captures the essence of the struggle that these people face daily and conveys a sense of the compassion exhibited by those who leave comfortable lives to serve and to aid those in need.
Samson is the award-winning author of more than twenty-five books, including Songbird, Quaker Summer, and Embrace Me. She currently resides in downtown Lexington, a place that seems to her very different from the Maryland suburbs where she was raised. She is active in local Christian volunteer programs and in her church. Her passion for faith-based fiction is evidenced through the quality of her work. Her daughter, who is also active in volunteer work, enjoys literature, art, and baking excellent bread.
For the reader who enjoys stories of growth and change through trials that test one's strength, as well as for those who appreciate reading about compassionate acts of service around the world, Love Mercy will prove a fine addition to your reading collection. The story differs slightly from Samson's previous works in that it details a true event and puts Lisa and her daughter in the spotlight. Yet it seems likely that fans of Samson's earlier efforts will thoroughly enjoy Love Mercy.

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