Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nathan McBride is Back!

A note referencing a secret US operation appears in Nicaragua, and there is only one man suited to the task of making this information compromise disappear.  His name is Nathan McBride, ex-Marine Corps sniper and newly retired CIA operations officer.  McBride is about to be called out of retirement, and, with the aid of his longtime companion Harv, he must journey to the jungles of Central America on a mission to stop a dangerous enemy.  Unfortunately, McBride knows this destination all too well—he nearly did not escape it decades ago, and the experience has left him physically and emotionally scarred.  In order to be successful in his mission, he must first overcome these personal obstacles.  And he also has to survive a showdown with the most effective killer in the region...the one McBride trained himself.  Survival necessitates being Ready to Kill.  The fourth installment of the Nathan McBride thriller series, Ready to Kill, is Andrew Peterson's latest contribution to the action-packed world of military-style thriller fiction.  His oft-described “wildly popular series” follows the life and career of Nathan McBride as he effectively navigates the trickiest and deadliest of scenarios.  If you are a thriller fiction fanatic (then you probably already knew this book was out and had it pre-ordered awhile ago), do not miss Andrew Peteron's Ready to Kill, out now and available from major bookstores everywhere.  For those of you who appreciate thriller style fiction but have yet to read Peterson's best-selling work, it would behoove you to start from the beginning of the series, but Ready to Kill will make an excellent addition to your collection.  For more details, check this out:

Friday, May 2, 2014

Nathan McBride, ex-Marine Sniper, Is About to Face His Personal Demons

Being called out of retirement is no laughing matter, but when evidence of a compromise of US top-secret operations appears from over the wall at the embassy in Nicaragua, only the best is suited to the task of making it right. Enter Nathan McBride, former Marine Corps sniper and CIA operations officer. McBride and his long-time companion Harv have a dangerous mission on their hands, but the CIA director knows that McBride is the perfect man for this job. After all, he knows his destination all too well...
...McBride nearly lost his life in this Central American jungle decades prior, and now he must overcome some personal physical and mental obstacles in order to be successful in his mission. Well, that and he must also survive a showdown with the most brutal killer McBride could possibly hope to encounter...
...the killer he trained himself. Nathan McBride must be Ready to Kill.
Andrew Peterson is a well-known best-selling fiction author who specializes in military style (intelligence/operations-oriented) thrillers. Peterson has been writing fiction since the 1990s, and his warmly received Nathan McBride series is a favorite among thriller fanatics. The first installment of the series, First to Kill, was out in 2008, and Ready to Kill will serve as the fourth component to the oft-described “wildly popular series.”
Of course, fans of the Nathan McBride series will thoroughly enjoy this book, and there is a good chance that you already added this earlier to your “must-read” list for the year. If you are not already familiar with this series or Andrew Peterson's thriller-style fiction, then his most recent release, Ready to Kill, will definitely not disappoint. But you might want to consider starting the series from the beginning...
...For more information about Ready to Kill, the Nathan McBride novels, or the career of best-selling fiction writer Andrew Peterson, look no further than the following link: