Saturday, July 12, 2014

Great Science Fiction from Andre Solonitsyn

The latest installment of The Thunder Valley Trilogy is out, and for fans of Solonitsyn's previous work, the exciting second book promises not to disappoint.  The Final World Order, a continuation of the saga surrounding the end of the world and its only chance at salvation, is an exceptionally well-crafted science fiction piece that builds upon earlier installments by Russian born author Andre Solonitsyn and his wife, Nadezhda.  The book is exciting, clear, and clever in its approach to the potential global threats of experimentation with genetically modified organisms.  With the threat of total self-destruction seeming imminent, the best and brightest minds of Earth must come together in an effort to circumvent the extinction of our species, but many challenges lie ahead of these brave new kings and queens of the world as their second plan unfolds.  Will this plan be better than their first failed attempt?  The survival of our species depends on it in The Final World Order by Andre Solonitsyn, which is out now and ideal for any avid reader of science fiction, especially predictive style fiction that explores the ramifications of our scientific developments.

The End of the World Is Near...And Only the Best and Brightest Can Save Us...

The end of the world would be regarded by most as a fairly serious affair.  After all, this is the only planet we have, so securing our position here is the only assurance we have of perpetuating the life of our species.  But now a threat of epic proportions weighs heavily upon the best and brightest minds of the globe, and our very existence could be compromised forever, the result of self-induced destruction. The survival of mankind depends on these great characters, and they must prove themselves worthy of the challenge of preventing our extinction before it is too late.  Unfortunately, the first plan failed...
...One person, along with his family and friends, must join forces with world leaders and even a supreme drug lord in the Valley of Thunder to devise a plan for saving everyone.  They are the last hope; without them humanity is doomed.  In order for total destruction to be circumvented, the best and brightest of our species must cooperate and even risk their very souls.  It is an intense and exhilarating ride that takes them all around the world and even into the depths of hell.  Find out what sacrifices must be made and what relationships must be tested in The Final World Order.
The Final World Order is the latest installment of The Thunder Valley Trilogy, an excellent and well-crafted science fiction collection by Andre Solonitsyn that deals with the design of an artificial being with superior degrees of intellect and mental functioning, a super artificial intelligence, so to speak.  It will prove a delightful treat for any avid reader of science fiction, especially for those already familiar with the series.  Solonitsyn and his wife, Nadezhda, are Russian by origin but are praised for their clear and precise approach to fiction writing.  And the story is riveting in its conclusion.  If you have missed any part of this series, then go back and catch up on the saga before diving into The Final World Order.  You will not be disappointed.