Friday, December 6, 2013

A Must Read Historical Fiction from Author Lee Jackson

When a faceless guerrilla fighter aligned with the resistance to overthrow Castro is pitted against a clever and deceptive Soviet agent, the result is a piece of historical fiction that masterfully blends fact with the exciting story of Eduardo Xiques, better known as Atcho. Exceptionally resourceful, well-trained, capable—Atcho is fully equipped to take on the mission assigned to him, that is until the safety of Isabel, his two year old daughter, is threatened by Govorov, the Soviet agent who will stop at nothing to gain information pertaining to Atcho's identity and whereabouts. Now that Isabel has been kidnapped, Atcho must navigate the treacherous trail leading to her rescue. But in order to save her and fulfill his assignment, he must use all of his specialized training in the process.
Curse the Moon: Atcho Rises is the latest suspenseful novel from author Lee Jackson. This is historical fiction at its finest, thrilling and engaging as it takes the reader along Atcho's journey into the tumultuous world of tenuous national alliances, military reconnaissance, and the struggle for political power. Jackson does a wonderful job of creating a real, multi-dimensional, and dynamic character in the form of Atcho, and his skill with weaving history into the framework of his stories is always evident.

 This is a great reading selection for historical fiction fanatics, especially those with a particular interest in Castro-era Cuba (think Bay of Pigs specifically) and the oft-strained relationship between the US and the Soviet Union. Curse the Moon: Atcho Rises has what you are looking for and comes highly recommended. Find it now in bookstores everywhere. For more information about this book and its author, check out the following site:

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Truly Unique Exploration of Religion and Wisdom

Could there ever be a way for us as thinking individuals to truly understand the wisdom of God? What truths are effectively conveyed through the espousal of religious principles around the world? Is there something missing? If you have ever thought seriously about the depth and significance of religion and what it means for us as people, then you will not want to miss Hidden Bible Taboos Forbidden by Organized Christianity, a comprehensive and eye-opening look at religion and associated knowledge by Dr. James Slobodzien.
What started as a series of articles written by Dr. Slobodzien over the span of seven years has evolved into a critical and analytical exploration of organized religion, especially with regard to relatively obscure knowledge of interpretive approaches that may very well help the average reader to better comprehend religion itself apart from the forced dogmatic perspectives of religious, social, and political leaders. Now, that might sound complicated, but in fact Dr. Slobodzien presents us with a fairly accessible reading that covers a wide array of subjects and materials. Using religious texts as his guide, he walks the reader through his fascinating investigation of religion and wisdom with care and provides us with insight into various ideas that have seemingly been dormant or disregarded for centuries. Call it a thoughtful collection of insights.
Although the biased reader might be inclined to write this one off as practically conspiratorial at first glance, the book proves very thorough in its analysis and, at times, more scientific than dogmatic. Dr. Slobodzien, a practicing psychologist, has given us a very unique approach to sacred truths and wisdom, while decrying world leaders (specifically religious authority) for their deliberate obfuscation of greatly significant ideas.

 If you are interested in a distinct perspective on religious ideology and practices, then Hidden Bible Taboos Forbidden by Organized Christianity is a must read. The book is out now, so do not miss out on your chance to partake in this truly enlightening exploration of spiritual wisdom and religion's complexities.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

‘Twas the Night After Christmas

The holidays are approaching and I have to admit that I love this time of year. I love the feel of it, the look of it and even the smell of it.
So, when I found out that one of my favorite authors, Sabrina Jeffries, has a book coming out on Oct. 30th and it’s a Christmas Regency romance I was so thrilled! It’s like an early gift!
Sabrina Jeffries’ books are always quaint, quirky, fun, sweet, hot and romantic! Yes, all of that!
This story is about the Earl of Devonmont, Pierce Waverly, who is a scoundrel whose parents abandoned him to school and then relatives. He grows up quite the scoundrel, but you feel such pity for him. He loved him mother so dearly, but she never tried to contact him once he was sent away. It really scarred him.
So, when he receives a message saying she is on her death bed and he must come quickly he drops everything to see his mother one last time.
Upon arriving he finds that his mother’s hired companion, a lovely widow, has exaggerated her condition greatly. The well-meaning woman is trying to make peace, but Pierce is bitter about his past.
The widow, Camilla Stuart is as strong willed as she is well-meaning. But the price the Earl would have to give in to her request may be too much.
The story is about redemption, forgiveness and love. It’s a perfect Christmas story and I highly recommend it as a gift! But, you read it first! It’s a keeper! And it’s every bit as magical as mistletoe!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A New Book of Devotion and Love

There is now a way to truly live and breathe the experiences of numerous Biblical characters. Anita Higman has recently released Where God Finds You, a collection of narrative accounts from more than forty characters from Christian scripture, and they are all there to behold and embrace. Additionally, each chapter is paired with the Biblical passage from which the narrative is derived, so the reader has a clear sense of each character's story and its relationship to the Bible's teachings. Another rewarding aspect of the book relates to questions that follow each segment that are intended to be thought provoking and informative. Higman is no stranger to the field of writing—she is the award-winning and bestselling author of more than thirty books, and her strong sense of faith makes Where God Finds You genuine in its approach, as well as its craft. If you are looking for an enjoyable, uplifting read for the holiday season, then check out Where God Finds You by Anita Higman. This book would make an excellent gift for readers who wish to gain insight into the experiences of Biblical characters and, in doing so, nurture their own appreciation for God's work through Christ. For more information about the title and the author, look to this website:

Experiencing the Bible One Character at a Time...

 Have you every wanted to slip into the minds and bodies of Biblical characters? Do you yearn to breathe and fully experience scripture and the impact of Christ's presence? Now, you, the avid reader of all things faith-oriented, have the opportunity to do just this.
Anita Higman's recent release Where God Finds You invites you into the pages of the Bible and its many powerful experiences as perceived by a myriad of characters who were present in the time of Christ's life on this Earth. The book explores each figure's specific story and pairs this narrative account with an actual passage from scripture. The format is powerful and informative, and a plethora of characters and a range of experiences are there for you to discover in this inspirational, faith-driven collection. Ester, John the Baptist, Lazarus, Mary Magdalen—they are all there along with many more. Over forty characters' accounts serve as the foundation of the piece, which lends itself to close study and careful consideration. One additional aspect of the book you might find helpful is the inclusion of questions for reflection at the end of each chapter. These questions encourage the reader to actually take something from each account and apply these lessons to his or her own life.
Award-winning and best-selling author Anita Higman delivers an empowering and rewarding collection of tales lifted straight from the pages of the Bible. Higman does not exclusively write faith-oriented works (though it often plays some part in each of her works), but her own strong faith has compelled her to share her devotion to God and Christ's teaching through this well-crafted piece, which is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about the Bible's characters as they existed in the time of Christ. If you are ready to learn about more than forty different Bible characters this season, then look no further then Anita Higman's Where God Finds You: 40 Devotions Bringing Bible Characters to Life. This title is now available in bookstores everywhere. For those of you interested in learning more about the author and this specific title, refer to the following web address:

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Straight from the Heart, the Imaginative Epic Poems of a Poetess

For those readers who appreciate traditional forms of poetry, Melanie Greenwood, Zillionaires Publishing, LLCfounder and CEO, has just released an extensive collection of poems entitled Words: Epic Poems of a Poetess. The work is often refreshing and even witty at times, especially when it comes to her shorter poems. Greenwood deals with a broad range of topics and emotional experiences in the context of this work—love, grief, inspiration, disappointment, imagination—it is all there. Her personality reaches out to the reader from the very first page, and one will have a very clear sense of her determination as an author and a poet from the collection. If you are interested in finding a book this summer with honest feelings conveyed through traditional poetic language, look no further than Words: Epic Poems of a Poetess by Melanie Greenwood. This title is now available to readers everywhere. Find out more right here:


Friday, September 7, 2012

Straight from the Heart, the Epic Poems of a Poetess

We are all aware of the power of language. Words enrich our lives and enable us to communicate ideas both simple and complex to one another. Without language, our world would be remarkably different. The task of the poet is to formulate language in such a way as to concentrate its meaning, to give it a charge of energy, so to speak. If you happen to appreciate language and poetry in particular, then a new collection from Melanie Greenwood might be added to your wish-list for summer reading.
The aptly named Words: Epic Poems of a Poetess is an extensive collection of poems from Zillionaires Publishing,LLC founder and CEO Melanie Greenwood. The poems are traditional and refreshing, even witty at times. Greenwood does not limit herself in terms of topics for her poetry. She pulls from a broad range of ideas, and her poems cover the entire spectrum of emotional experience. Inspiration, joy, grief, disappointment—it is all there in Words. The reader will truly get a sense of Greenwood’s personality and her degree of determination from the start of this imaginative collection.
For anyone who appreciates the beauty and potency of poetic language, Melanie Greenwood has something to offer in Words: Epic Poems of a Poetess. The title is available now for interested readers. If you would like more information, then check out the following web address:

Disclaimer: Some blogs are paid for by a third party client, but the books are indeed read and all opinions are that of the reader.