Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Debut Novel of Great Quality about UFO Conspiracy...

When former FBI agent turned bored private investigator William Harrison begins receiving unusual postcards from someone who claims to be an informant, Harrison is not quite sure what to make of it. As it turns out, the man behind those cryptic messages, Echo Tango, once worked with the Saint Mary Project, an extremely covert program working directly with alien contact and kept from the public eye for decades. Now that the program is starting to tie up “loose ends,” it is Harrison who is tasked with the mission of stopping the project before it goes too far. But uncovering the truth behind the Saint Mary Project will lead him to some unexpected discoveries, including a secret about his own family that could prove to be the key in preventing the perpetuation of this carnage. Find out whether Harrison can uncover the truth in the exciting debut novel from Daniel P. Douglas, Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project. Douglas specializes in conspiracy thrillers and other sub-genres of science fiction. For a debut novel, the book proves highly engaging. The author is new to the field of writing but has served as a civil servant and is also a well-traveled Army veteran. Fans of science fiction and UFO-oriented thrillers will not want to miss Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project. The book is out now, and more information about this title and Daniel P. Douglas can be obtained here:

The Truth is Out There...And It is Coming to Find You.

William Harrison, a former FBI agent injured in the line of duty, knows little more than boredom at present.  Working as a private investigator specializing in extra-marital affairs, he experiences tedium in his line of work from one day to the next, a far cry from the excitement he once knew as an agent.  But all of that changes when he begins receiving postcards from a mysterious informant whose signature is the enigmatic Echo Tango (Get it?...ET).  Through the information received by Echo Tango, Harrison is drawn into an unbelievable reality of decades-long government cover ups and the existence of the Saint Mary Project.  It is a conspiracy of awesome proportions, and Harrison is now designated as the man to stop a project specializing in extraterrestrial contact from getting out of hand as members of the ultra-secret program work to tie up loose ends.  Harrison is sure that he is the right person for this task, but he never would have guessed that it would lead to the discovery of an incredible secret about his own family, which may prove the key to putting a stop to potential disaster.  Can an ex-FBI agent help to uncover the truth behind UFOs?  Found out whether there will be Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project.
    This title is the surprisingly well-crafted and exciting debut novel from author Daniel P. Douglas, a veteran of the armed forces, a long-time civil servant, and traveler with an apparently keen interest in extraterrestrials and their technology.  The book takes Area 51 style conspiracy and places in the present, where the protagonist of Douglas must work with the aid of his colleagues to stop “unimaginable crimes.”  For a first effort in any genre, the work proves impressive.
    Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project will keep any fan of science fiction and conspiracy style fiction turning the pages.  The book is out now, and if you happen to be impressed with Douglas' first novel, then fear not, for other novels are in the works.  For more information about this new release and the author, check out the following website:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What is It Like to Get a Second Chance at Love?

Love is a hard game to play, especially when entrepreneurial success is the primary driving force in one's life. Dakota Carson is one of those people who has been burned before by love, but she does not let it get her down. Instead, she focuses her efforts on improving her image specialist company's reputation and status. When an opportunity to work directly with the highly successful Belle Cove Resorts is presented to her, it seems like a chance she could never refuse. The problem for Dakota is that the CEO of the resort is Logan Montague, a successful businessman in his own right and the one who broke Dakota's heart when he dropped everything in his personal life to excel professionally in his family's business. Both Dakota and Logan are determined to make this professional opportunity mutually beneficial, but Logan is taking this second chance at love very seriously, and he has his matchmaking aunt on his side. Can he find a way to regain Dakota's trust and win back her heart? Will it be business or pleasure—or both—in Love by Design? This piece is the latest installment of the Harlequin Kimani Romance/The Match Broke series and the most recent title from author Lisa Watson. Watson, in addition to being a great romance author who writes memorable, realistic, and charming characters, is co-publicist for the RT BookReview Magazine's annual RT Booklovers Convention and host of Reader's Entertainment Radio show. The book does a great job of exploring what happens when second chances come our way, as if by design (hence the title). Turn up the heat this season with Love by Design, out now in paperback and digital formats. More information about the author, this novel, and her other works can be obtained here:

Destiny is Calling, and It Looks Like Love by Design...

Dakota Carson is highly driven to succeed on a professional level, and the latest opportunity presented to her seems like the right chance to dramatically improve the status of her image specialist company.  Belle Cove Resorts is the perfect venue to accelerate her dream of rising to a better status as a business owner—perfect in every regard except for one.  Logan Montague, the equally business-minded CEO of his family's supremely successful resort chain, is aligned to become Dakota's new professional partner, but Dakota and Logan have a messy history that must be addressed before moving forward in the spirit of what is mutually beneficial becomes possible.  Years prior, Logan set aside everything but the family business to excel as an entrepreneur, and that includes the woman he loved—Dakota.  Now their paths cross again, but this time Logan is determined to make it more personal than professional.  Winning back Dakota's heart seems like a step in the right direction in Logan's mind, and his matchmaking Aunt Jeannie could not agree more.  He is determined not to fail at this second chance for personal fulfillment, but can she regain trust for the man who let go of what they had for his own gain?  Destiny is calling, and it looks like Love by Design .
    Love by Design is the latest installment of the Harlequin Kimani Romance/The Match Broke series and an excellent, seductive, and powerfully endearing offering from author Lisa Watson.  Watson is a native of Washington D.C., co-publicist for the RT BookReview Magazine's annual RT Booklovers Convention, and host of Reader's Entertainment Radio show.  She enjoys traveling and uses her experiences abroad as inspiration for settings in her novels, just like Love by Design.  This story explores what happens when two professionally-oriented people suffering from that most horrendous of conditions, “love gone awry once upon a time,” find themselves in a situation where coming together means furthering their own careers, yet loose ends must be tied and hearts must be mended for this to go anywhere beyond improving the image of a family resort and into the realm of personal gratification and fulfilled desires.
    Watson has created two memorable contemporary characters here, and any fan of romance will enjoy where this story takes them.  Delightful, well-crafted, and sexy—look no further than Love by Design by Lisa Watson for your fill of romance this season.  The title is available in both paperback and digital formats, and you might also check out the following website for more information about the author and her work:

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Great Science Fiction from Andre Solonitsyn

The latest installment of The Thunder Valley Trilogy is out, and for fans of Solonitsyn's previous work, the exciting second book promises not to disappoint.  The Final World Order, a continuation of the saga surrounding the end of the world and its only chance at salvation, is an exceptionally well-crafted science fiction piece that builds upon earlier installments by Russian born author Andre Solonitsyn and his wife, Nadezhda.  The book is exciting, clear, and clever in its approach to the potential global threats of experimentation with genetically modified organisms.  With the threat of total self-destruction seeming imminent, the best and brightest minds of Earth must come together in an effort to circumvent the extinction of our species, but many challenges lie ahead of these brave new kings and queens of the world as their second plan unfolds.  Will this plan be better than their first failed attempt?  The survival of our species depends on it in The Final World Order by Andre Solonitsyn, which is out now and ideal for any avid reader of science fiction, especially predictive style fiction that explores the ramifications of our scientific developments.

The End of the World Is Near...And Only the Best and Brightest Can Save Us...

The end of the world would be regarded by most as a fairly serious affair.  After all, this is the only planet we have, so securing our position here is the only assurance we have of perpetuating the life of our species.  But now a threat of epic proportions weighs heavily upon the best and brightest minds of the globe, and our very existence could be compromised forever, the result of self-induced destruction. The survival of mankind depends on these great characters, and they must prove themselves worthy of the challenge of preventing our extinction before it is too late.  Unfortunately, the first plan failed...
...One person, along with his family and friends, must join forces with world leaders and even a supreme drug lord in the Valley of Thunder to devise a plan for saving everyone.  They are the last hope; without them humanity is doomed.  In order for total destruction to be circumvented, the best and brightest of our species must cooperate and even risk their very souls.  It is an intense and exhilarating ride that takes them all around the world and even into the depths of hell.  Find out what sacrifices must be made and what relationships must be tested in The Final World Order.
The Final World Order is the latest installment of The Thunder Valley Trilogy, an excellent and well-crafted science fiction collection by Andre Solonitsyn that deals with the design of an artificial being with superior degrees of intellect and mental functioning, a super artificial intelligence, so to speak.  It will prove a delightful treat for any avid reader of science fiction, especially for those already familiar with the series.  Solonitsyn and his wife, Nadezhda, are Russian by origin but are praised for their clear and precise approach to fiction writing.  And the story is riveting in its conclusion.  If you have missed any part of this series, then go back and catch up on the saga before diving into The Final World Order.  You will not be disappointed.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nathan McBride is Back!

A note referencing a secret US operation appears in Nicaragua, and there is only one man suited to the task of making this information compromise disappear.  His name is Nathan McBride, ex-Marine Corps sniper and newly retired CIA operations officer.  McBride is about to be called out of retirement, and, with the aid of his longtime companion Harv, he must journey to the jungles of Central America on a mission to stop a dangerous enemy.  Unfortunately, McBride knows this destination all too well—he nearly did not escape it decades ago, and the experience has left him physically and emotionally scarred.  In order to be successful in his mission, he must first overcome these personal obstacles.  And he also has to survive a showdown with the most effective killer in the region...the one McBride trained himself.  Survival necessitates being Ready to Kill.  The fourth installment of the Nathan McBride thriller series, Ready to Kill, is Andrew Peterson's latest contribution to the action-packed world of military-style thriller fiction.  His oft-described “wildly popular series” follows the life and career of Nathan McBride as he effectively navigates the trickiest and deadliest of scenarios.  If you are a thriller fiction fanatic (then you probably already knew this book was out and had it pre-ordered awhile ago), do not miss Andrew Peteron's Ready to Kill, out now and available from major bookstores everywhere.  For those of you who appreciate thriller style fiction but have yet to read Peterson's best-selling work, it would behoove you to start from the beginning of the series, but Ready to Kill will make an excellent addition to your collection.  For more details, check this out: