Friday, May 30, 2008

The Naked Earth Jonathan Adam DeCoteau Book Trailer

In this National Indie Excellence Award winner in General Fiction, Evan "Sindbad" Al-Mohummad specializes in photographing dead bodies for the military in the Iraq war. Investigating a bizarre double homicide in Basra, he discovers that the murders are just the beginning of a mystery that may cost him his life.ISBN: 1591461227 (trade paperback), 1591461235
(Adobe PDF ebook), 1591461243 (Microsoft LIT ebook), 1591461251 (Mobipocket PRC ebook), 1591461261 (Palm PDB ebook)
Genre:Mystery/Suspense and General Fiction

Jerk California Jonathan Friesen Book Trailer

Sam Carrier might be the strongest runner at Mitrista High; but he’s one tormented senior. Tourette’s Syndrome jerks his body, Naomi Archer toys with his mind, and his deceased father lays claim to his heart. His road-trip to California is supposed to be an escape, but even Sam can’t outrun the truth—he’ll never discover who he is until he decides whose he is. ISBN: 0142412031 Genre: Fiction

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mercenaries Trilogy – Ready, Willing & And Able Lucy Monroe Book Trailer

Theyre the good guys fighting the bad guys. Theyll get the job doneif the price is right and so is the cause. And what cause could be nobler than the hearts desire? Rough and ready, tough and tenderwhen it comes to love and security, these hunks are definitely for hire... ISBN #978-0758208743, 978-0758208767 & 978-0758211774 Genre: Romance, Suspense

Friday, May 23, 2008

Industry News COS Productions May 24 2008

Readers Entertainment TV sees a rise in online ranking. TransitTV and COS sign contract for video distribution on buses. Borders Group to start Associates program. Check out Watch the Book online!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Royal Brides Duo Lucy Monroe Book Trailer

Two new eagerly awaited books in the Royal Brides series by Lucy Monroe! Romantic, sophisticated & intense, these emotionally charged stories are not to be missed. Forbidden: The Billionaires Virgin Princess and Hired: The Sheikh's Secretary Mistress Isbn: 978-0373127399 & 978-0373235117 genre:Contemporary Series Romance

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quest for the Golden Bowl Series Long Hot Nights Candice Poarch Book Trailer

A once peaceful island inhabited by seven shipwrecked women begins the saga of a familys heritage 400 years into the future leading to shocking discoveries of a missing heirloom, a dead matriarch and a double murder or is it the greatest treasure of all.Will loves of a lifetime and passionate conflictsEND IN MURDER or Romantic Bliss? ISBN# LONG HOT NIGHTS #13:978-0-7582-1978-7 also available in the series: GOLDEN NIGHTS #13:978-0-7582-1977-0

Friday, May 16, 2008

Quondam: An Ancient Mirrors Tale Jayel Gibson Book Trailer

Her family and homeland destroyed by an otherworldly assassin¢s fires, Cwen of Aaradan escapes through a mysterious portal into Quondam. There, she discovers her fate and an imprisoned dragonspawn's are intertwined in ways that will drag her, heartbroken and vengeful, into the heart of a devastating war. ISBN# (10 Digit)-193353883X Genre(s) of this book Fantasy/Romance

Industry News COS Productions May 17 2008

VidLit/COS venture brings increased distribution. Romance Novel TV gets own channel on REC TV. Book Expo America talking about Digital Bundling with COS CEO Sheila Clover English. New books to watch! Publishing, books, video and other industry news.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Captain Devlin's Captive Susanne Saville Book Trailer

Jasabel Buchanan, an indentured ladys maid to the rich Governors daughter, is taken prisoner when the ship on which they sail is seized by pirates led by Captain Neil Devlin. Sent into bondage because of his Jacobite loyalties, Devlin escaped to become the terror of the English colonies. When he abducts his former owners daughter, he doesnt expect his reaction to her captivating ladys maid. But amongst old injustices an evil lurks, and before she can be free, Jasabel must decide if she dares to love a pirate. Isbn: 978-1-4357-1405-2 genre: Pirate Historical Romance

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Questory of Root Karbunkulus

RRoot Karbunkulus gets to compete in 'the coolest scavenger hunt ever!' Finally, she can prove theres no L on her forehead! The first item up for grabs is the Miist of Kalliope. But wait. There are only six of these Miists to be found? Leaving only six teams left to go after the next item? Then 5-4-3-2woah...this could get ugly. ISBN...978-1-4196-6404-5

Monday, May 12, 2008

THE BETRAYAL Kathleen O’Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear Book Trailer

From international bestselling authors and award-winning archaeologists Kathleen ONeal Gear and W. Michael Gear comes The Betrayal, a new novel about the lost life of Jesus. Over thirty years of research meld with vividly realized characters to recount the Church conspiracy to steal and destroy the real life of Jesusan incredibly human story suppressed for nineteen centuries. ISBN# (10 Digit)-0765315467 Genre: Historical fiction

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Magic In His Kiss Shari Anton Book Trailer

Nicole de Leon has always known that she would be married off to strengthen King Stephens political position. Rhodri, a bard and warrior, has one purpose: to bring Nicole de Leon home to Wales. Brought together by fate but soon torn apart by war, can these two lovers find a future together? ISBN# 0-446-61756-3 Genre: Romance

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

IN TWILIGHT’S SHADOW Patti O’Shea Book Trailer

Maia Frasier thought she'd escaped the world of troubleshooters and demons when she'd ceded her magical powers. Now a wounded enforcer has turned up, claiming Maia's sister is in danger. Creed Blackwood needs Maia's help to hunt the demon he's after, especially since he's hiding that his powers are erratic. ISBN# (10 Digit)- 0765355809 Genre(s) Paranormal Romance

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Eternal Pleasure Nina Bangs Book Trailer

THE ELEVENan alliance of ultimate predators. Primal, lethal, irresistible. THE PROPHECYan ancient Mayan prediction that the world will end on 12-21-12. THE PREYKelly Maloy discovers too late that the sensual man who feeds her fantasies hides a soul that gives new meaning to animal magnetism. isbn # 0-8439-5953-3 genre Paranormal

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cutting Loose Susan Andersen Book Trailer

Jane craves stability. Devlins footloose. Yet their attraction is burning-down-the-house hot. Add a bad guy with serious envy issues and a loan shark on his ass, setting his sights on the mansion full of priceless collections that Jane and her two BFFs inherited. And things are about to cut loose. isbn:0-373-77304-8 Genre(s) Romance /suspense

Before the Storm Diane Chamberlain Book Trailer

After saving a group of teens from a fire, fifteen-year-old Andy becomes an unlikely hero. His overprotective mother, Laurel, watches as her special needs son basks in the positive attention hes always craved. But when the suspicion of arson is cast upon Andy, Laurel must ask herself how well she really knows her son. . . and just how far shes willing to go to protect him. ISBN # 0-7783-2541-5 Genre Contemporary/suspense/Romance