Thursday, May 31, 2007

BEA has begun!

Being my first BEA I was very excited about attending. And, to have it here in NYC was a bonus! Next year it will be in LA, which I'm thrilled about as well.

Javitz Center is HUGE and full of people who care about books! Well, today at least!

Workshops on marketing, quanitifying marketing strategies, social networks, and many more topics were discussed. They have an African American and Latino pavillion this year which I am very interested in. REC TV has an African American channel and would love to be able to show more of those videos with other sites as content. It was great to see such a wonderful turn out for that topic.

I expect tomorrow will be even more busy with the exhibitors opening and additional interesting workshops to be presented.

Tomorrow I hope to find time to blog again and leave the information for the MySpace Books contact. So, check back later for more fun and facts!

Monday, May 28, 2007

NYC, BEA and News

Last minute meeting arrangements in New York during BEA are all that's left in preparation for this coming week.
COS will be gathering data about the future of the industry, meeting with the good folks at MySpace, stopping by to see clients and chat with publishers who have contacted us.
Being my first BEA experience, I'm not sure how much work I'll be able to add to this trip, but I hope to attend many conferences and learn what COS needs to gear up for next year. I'll bring media kits, sample DVDs, brochures and business cards. I'm ready and enthused about being in NYC!

The new videos have gone up on REC TV and more will be put up next week. Distribution will continue as normal while I'm away. Wayne is getting ready to upload several new videos! New Head of Production, Victoria Fraasa, will be organizing our new projects while all of the COS network celebrate 4 Telly Award wins!!

REC TV will undergo some renovations in June that will make it even more user-friendly with more original programs and book video!

Friday, May 25, 2007

New technology!

We are now able to Blog from our cell phones! We hope that will allow is to give you up to the minute news during BEA!
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Circle of Seven/Readers Entertainment TV CEO Sheila Clover English will be leaving for the Big Apple on May 29th to attend Book Expo America!
With so many publishers, authors and industry leaders in one place, Sheila hopes to spend time identifying trends, new ideas and even more ways to effectively promote book video and reading!

Publishers have started calling asking to meet while Sheila is in NYC, so everyone at COS and REC are thrilled. The fact that publishers have taken such an interest in book television and book video is very encouraging!

If you're in NYC from May 30th to June 3rd let us know. We'll do lunch! LOL


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Monday, May 21, 2007

New shows and features coming on REC TV!

Shows like, Write On! which features author interviews and Off The Shelf which features cool behind the scenes stuff are all coming to REC TV this summer!

Each Saturday you get a new episode of the hit comedy show The Lonesome Losers, and Sunday the new videos are uploaded to the station!

Advertising is now available at REC TV, with a wide variety of opportunities for varying budgets.

Music videos for books, animations, comedy or something sexy, it's all right here on REC TV!

The Lonesome Losers on Funny or Die

Funny or Die is an online network for comedy, promoted and owned by comedian Will Ferrell.
Brenda Urquhart, director of The Lonesome Losers, submitted the first episode to Funny or Die, where it was voted on by the public. It made it to the the top submissions and was featured on the homepage! Congrats to Brenda and the guys at The Lonesome Losers!

Right now we're up to episode 3 of 10 on REC TV and one of my personal favorites, episode 4, comes next week!

REC TV is currently looking for corporate sponsorship of The Lonesome Losers and with so much public support of the show it's looking good for a second season!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Reader's Entertainment is LIVE!

Reader's Entertainment Channel online television is live! The all new comedy show The Lonesome Losers is now showing its first episode of the season!

The station is geared toward readers with an emphasis on gaining new readers, while still entertaining traditional readers.

Each week new content goes up on the homepage and the featured content then goes to one of the many Genre-Stations!

Come by and see the new place for readers to be entertained!

COS at the CAMEOS!

Circle of Seven Productions
WINNERS of the 2007 Cameo Awards!

Thank you to the authors who submitted their book video to the Cameo Awards!
Circle of Seven did not personally submit any video this year for the Cameo Awards, so we appreciate those authors who submitted their videos!
The following are WINNERS in the Cameo Awards for Best Book Videos in a given category!

The following list reflects only the COS WINNERS.

Best Contemporary Romance Winner-

Sugar Daddy - Book Trailer

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Best Romantic Suspense




Best Fantasy Romance WINNER


Moon Awakening - book video

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Best Science Fiction Romance WINNER


The Quest Book Trailer

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Best Historical Romance WINNER


The Stranger I Married - Book Trailer

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Best Paranormal Romance WINNER



Viewer's Choice Award - No Safe Place - JoAnn Ross

Cameo for Excellence in Art Direction - The Stranger I
Married - Sylvia Day author - Joe Gruberman producer

Excellence in Score (music)- The Stranger I Married -

Sylvia Day author -
Joe Gruberman producer

Excellence In Writing (script and concept)- No Safe
Place -
JoAnn Ross author-
Sheila English writer -
Mike Miller visual concepts

The Cameo Award for Promotional Excellence (top award
for all trailers) -
No Safe Place - JoAnn Ross

Congrats to ALL the winners of the 2007 Cameo Awards!