Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Destiny is Calling, and It Looks Like Love by Design...

Dakota Carson is highly driven to succeed on a professional level, and the latest opportunity presented to her seems like the right chance to dramatically improve the status of her image specialist company.  Belle Cove Resorts is the perfect venue to accelerate her dream of rising to a better status as a business owner—perfect in every regard except for one.  Logan Montague, the equally business-minded CEO of his family's supremely successful resort chain, is aligned to become Dakota's new professional partner, but Dakota and Logan have a messy history that must be addressed before moving forward in the spirit of what is mutually beneficial becomes possible.  Years prior, Logan set aside everything but the family business to excel as an entrepreneur, and that includes the woman he loved—Dakota.  Now their paths cross again, but this time Logan is determined to make it more personal than professional.  Winning back Dakota's heart seems like a step in the right direction in Logan's mind, and his matchmaking Aunt Jeannie could not agree more.  He is determined not to fail at this second chance for personal fulfillment, but can she regain trust for the man who let go of what they had for his own gain?  Destiny is calling, and it looks like Love by Design .
    Love by Design is the latest installment of the Harlequin Kimani Romance/The Match Broke series and an excellent, seductive, and powerfully endearing offering from author Lisa Watson.  Watson is a native of Washington D.C., co-publicist for the RT BookReview Magazine's annual RT Booklovers Convention, and host of Reader's Entertainment Radio show.  She enjoys traveling and uses her experiences abroad as inspiration for settings in her novels, just like Love by Design.  This story explores what happens when two professionally-oriented people suffering from that most horrendous of conditions, “love gone awry once upon a time,” find themselves in a situation where coming together means furthering their own careers, yet loose ends must be tied and hearts must be mended for this to go anywhere beyond improving the image of a family resort and into the realm of personal gratification and fulfilled desires.
    Watson has created two memorable contemporary characters here, and any fan of romance will enjoy where this story takes them.  Delightful, well-crafted, and sexy—look no further than Love by Design by Lisa Watson for your fill of romance this season.  The title is available in both paperback and digital formats, and you might also check out the following website for more information about the author and her work:

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