Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Revenge Has Never Seemed So Sexy

Galen Hawke feels that his dearly departed friend has been dealt the stab of betrayal: John, the young man with whom he was imprisoned while in India, loved Miss Haley Moreland and longed for the day that he could join her in marriage. Now, after John's death, sly Miss Moreland is merely celebrating her recent engagement to another man. Is she acting without feeling, without regard for the passing of her fiancĂ©? Galen is determined to avenge his companion by seducing Miss Moreland—then destroying her. But is she really as cruel and cold as she seems? After all, Miss Moreland seems not to have understood her previous engagement to her childhood friend John, since he never asked for her hand in marriage and, consequently, she never felt the need to respond. She only wishes to spare her family the pain of poverty by marrying into wealth. Now, in the midst of Galen's pursuit of her heart, she has begun to develop strong feelings for him, despite her recent arrangement with another man. Should she marry for money or for love? And will she even have the chance to test her feelings before Galen enacts his revenge?
In the newest novel from Renee Bernard, Revenge Wears Rubies, a complicated triangle of emotion and seduction serve to propel this crafty plot forward. Set in classic Victorian England, this story of revenge will captivate audiences with its depth and sensuality. Revenge Wears Rubies serves as a start to a fresh erotic series from Bernard, who, as a freelance writer, has garnered attention and acclaim from fans of historical romance. Her contributions to the romantic genre have found their way into anthologies that have been deemed USA Today best-sellers, and she has received several more awards for her personal fiction.
For avid readers of historical romance, Revenge Wears Rubies is the perfect start to a series that will captivate you for a great while. Fans of contemporary romance fiction who appreciate a touch of classic flavor and depth to their stories will likely appreciate what Bernard has to offer the reading world.

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