Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Security of the World Depends Upon Just Two People...

From author Austin S. Camacho comes the exciting third installment in the Stark and O'Brien series...
...The Piranha is the latest in US weapons technology, a stealth submarine so advanced that it will give the country total command of the world's seas. Developed secretly in Panama, the Piranha is now ready for the test phase of operations. But members of the CIA have reason to believe that there is more to than project than previously thought. That is when Mark Roberts (of the CIA) enlists the aid of his friend Morgan Stark, an ex-mercenary who currently runs a personal security agency with the assistance of former jewel thief Felicity O'Brien. Roberts wants Stark and O'Brien to investigate the program and, specifically, Francisco Bastidas, the person at the helm of the Piranha project. What they discover upon further investigation confirms Roberts' fears: Bastidas is a powerful con-man who is completely lacking in good intentions. In order to get a closer look at the situation, Stark and O'Brien infiltrate the project's security team, and it becomes clear to them that, when it comes to this weapons project, nothing is as it seems. Now, with an impending threat of a nuclear strike, the pair must figure out how to take Bastidas and the entire project down, but that requires defeating an army of terrorists and the crazed giant Rodrigo Herrera, a man who can kill a jaguar with his bare hands. Stark and O'Brien have their work cut out for them in The Piranha Assignment.
The Stark and O'Brien series becomes more thrilling with each new addition, especially as the characters develop and gain dimension. Camacho's specialties include mysteries and action-packed thrillers, like this most recent release, and he has a wealth of experience from which to pull when writing his novels. As a soldier for thirteen years, he traveled a great deal and spent time working with broadcast journalism for the US Army. It was during college that Camacho, then a psychology major, discovered great books. This would serve as an inspiration for him later in life. Even when serving with the Army, he had an interest in writing fiction and would pen adventure and mystery novels set in some of the places he had visited while serving. Now, years later, the result of his labor is evident.
The Piranha Assignment has received praise from readers and critics for its enthralling plot and greater degree of dimension. Avid readers of suspenseful thrillers or any good adventurous book will appreciate the latest release from Austin S. Camacho, The Piranha Assignment, which is now available in stores. If you want to know more about this book, the author, or any of his previous releases, check out the following website:

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