Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Powerful Clairvoyant Comes to Terms with Her Power...and The Threat That It Entails

Cassandra Palmer has an unusual job description: she is Pythia, the world's leading clairvoyant. And her life has been anything but simple as of recently. You might expect for a woman whose recent accomplishment involved defeating a god to be deserving of some relief, a little time away from the pressures of such a demanding lifestyle. But this is far from the case. Now, Cassie is learning about her powers and her new role. He coronation ceremony is on the way, and preparations must be made for her transition to Pythia. We might also call her mildly distracted by the prospect of romantic ties with the mysterious Mircea, an undeniably alluring vampire master. Yes, this seems to be business as usual for Cassie, but her trial has just begun...

Someone is hellbent on keeping Cassie from becoming Pythia. Someone is determined to stop the coronation ceremony from ever happening, and the threat is very real. Cassie has to figure out how to fight an enemy who is not attacking her directly but instead aims to prevent her from ever existing at all by attacking Cassie's mother before she was even born. How do you fight an assault from the past? Fortunately, Cassandra Palmer has some very powerful allies. Find out how Cassie thwarts this mysterious and menacing force in Hunt the Moon: A Cassie Palmer Novel by Karen Chance.

Chance specializes in urban fantasy, and the Cassandra Palmer series is great evidence of her expertise in this genre. Hunt the Moon is the fifth installment in this series, one of the author's most popular, and Chance already has a fan-base yearning for more of her fiction. For readers already familiar with Chance's fantasy fiction, you are no doubt excited about the prospect of a new release in the series (or perhaps you have already finished the book today and you are now anxiously awaiting the sixth Cassie Palmer novel). Hunt the Moon is also an ideal pick for any lover of well-developed fantasy with romantic undertones.

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