Friday, April 22, 2011

Surprises and Terror in the Screaming Season...

Lindsay is back at the haunted Marlwood Academy for another year of boarding school, but what she finds when she returns is far from welcoming...

...She discovers upon waking that she is being held in the infirmary, and something terrible has happened. Was it a breakdown? Did she try to kill someone? The details do not surface for a while, but one fact is clear from the start—Lindsay has been possessed by a spirit that intends to do harm to those around her and she can find no safe haven anywhere on campus. Can she even trust herself? Now, our heroine must decide whether to stay with her new ally Mandy, formerly her nemesis, and fight against the spirits that haunt her school or run from it all with the help of an ex-love. Will Lindsay take the only means of escape she has or risk everything to rid Marlwood of its evil inhabitants? The answers come in The Screaming Season.

The Screaming Season is the latest release from the New York Times Best-selling author Nancy Holder and the next installment in her popular YA horror series Possessions. Holder is no stranger to the world of fiction—she has received many accolades and much notoriety for her work in a variety of genres and she currently teaches creative writing through the University of Southern Maine's Stonecoast MFA program. Holder loves writing horror, and she invites you to enter a frightening realm where spirits possess and provoke, the world of The Screaming Season.

For horror fanatics and readers of young adult fantasy fiction, Holder's newest novel should be on your reading list for the first part of this year. I am sure that anyone already familiar with Holder's YA stories will enjoy The Screaming Season, and followers of her Possessions series already know to expect great things from the new release.

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