Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Book Review for While the Wind Blows by Diana Higbee Reginato

Grief is a natural part of our lived experience. Of course, it is helpful to have a means of coping, especially with the loss of a loved one. Diana Higbee Reginato's While the Wind Blows is an excellent reading for anyone who is struggling with the passing of someone dear.
This beautifully illustrated collection of prose and poetry details the process of grief, from the point of its introduction into one's life to its acceptance and eventual incorporation into our understanding of what it is to love and then lose. The sequence of the work takes the reader along a journey of healing and will prove helpful for anyone dealing with this harsh emotional climate.
Reginato had the grieving reader in mind when she wrote the work. It seems that Reginato was inspired to create this piece in response to her own loss of someone dear. She must be commended for demonstrating to others through her well-written work that grief, though it floods the mind and body with feelings for some time, will not last forever.

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