Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Kayli Raine had shown up out of no where. Beautiful, sexy and obviously crazy Michael "Mallet" Manchester readily agreed to her terms in exchange for a kiss. How could he know that she was serious, for real and would take him up on the offer? Now he will go with her to train women warriors to fight. A place where women are the protectors. A place where he can have anything he desires. And a time when he is needed the most. He goes with the woman of his dreams into the future 2220. And with everything they offer him he wants the one thing he can't have her.This is part 3 of 3 in a series of book videos for Lori Foster's novel My Man, Michael. Watch each exciting serial book video to learn what exciting adventure is in store for Michael "Mallet" Manchester in the year 2220. Buy it here now http://tinyurl.com/69g9ql Find out more at http://www.lorifoster.com Genre(s) of this book Romance, fantasy, scifi, sports MY MAN MICHAEL LORI FOSTER BOOK TRAILER Part 3

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