Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Fresh Twist on an Old Favorite

Every romance reader knows the story: a woman overwhelmed by the dealings of life is forced into a profession not of her own choosing (usually involving some indecent or otherwise unacceptable form of work, at least in accordance with societal norms) in order to maintain some slight and barely manageable measure of financial security until that magical point at which she is somehow swept away from her misfortunes by an alpha male hero who just happens to be the one she needed all along. All of us know it quite well, I am sure. Tyler is not that story. Tyler, the new novel from romance specialist C. H. Admirand, brings us, the expectant reader, a fresh and exciting twist. The person at the receiving end of the trauma is a man.

Now where might such a story go? Well, the protagonist is suffering from financial distress, so perhaps we should make him very desperate. Maybe we should also make him a cowboy—a good-looking cowboy. In fact, he should be so desperate that he has to strip every night in order to entertain the women who frequent the club where he works. After all, he has to earn his living somehow (and find a way to save the ranch that has been a possession of his family for generations). Yes, this cowboy is so “down on his luck” that he is practically forced into the profession of exotic dancing. This less than ideal work is his last resort, his only hope. That should make for an interesting story. What about a love interest, you ask? She could be the sister of the club owner where our naughty cowboy dances. And without a doubt chocolate should be involved...

...Well done, C. H. Admirand. You have all of the ingredients there for an interesting, potent, provocative love-story unlike any other ever told. It seems only natural for such an original tale to come from a respected figure at the heart of the romance genre like Admirand. Fans of her earlier books are already anxiously awaiting the release of Tyler. If you are in the mood for a new approach to the story of desperate measures, then check out C. H. Admirand's latest release, Tyler: The Secret Life of Cowboys.

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